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Sandi N., Austin, TX

Four years ago, I left a busy executive career after 30 years of high pressure, extreme stress and weekly travel. I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and was struggling to figure out what my passion was. I was drawn to Dana’s clarification program to help me figure out my life’s work and get some clarity about how I would spend my “golden years”.

Dana’s approach is warm, insightful and nurturing as she facilitates deep exploration of our personal drivers, what we are resistant to and identification of what we truly want and need to be happy. Having gone through the process I am clear about the five things I need and want in my life. I have since used those five things as a way to benchmark any major decisions I make. If my choice does not satisfy one of those attributes, it gets rejected. As a result, I am in school, learning a new profession which I love, I have reclaimed my creative outlet and am thriving in my life. The most outstanding manifestation is that I feel happy!

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