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Britt D. Austin, TX

Honestly I can’t say enough good things about my Get Clear session with Dana–if you’re feeling hesitant about taking the plunge, fear no more! Welcome to a tool that can help you navigate through the clutter of your mind and recenter yourself. I can without a doubt say it works and that the takeaway is invaluable. Dana is beyond lovely to work with and absolutely makes you feel at ease within just seconds. I was feeling stuck in regards to career motivations, and was overcome by the fear of jumping into the unknown. She was able to help me unravel the general cluttering in my mind and with one session we made leaps and bounds into figuring out my top priorities in life–what a relief! Not only did I become clearer on what pieces of my life are most important to me, and how much they are present or lacking, but I also came away with a succinct mission statement for what I’d like to do with my career. It felt like we had accomplished so much in just a small amount of time, and I can’t wait to carry the knowledge I gained in this session into my daily life. I can’t recommend the Get Clear session with Dana more–for those looking for some clarity in any aspect of your life this program is for you.

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