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Now What…?


These two words put together carry SO MUCH WEIGHT, and I hear them often in my coaching practice.

  • The college grad who hasn’t yet decided on her path:  “Now what?  How do I figure out my life’s purpose?”
  • The 30-something single woman (or man) who wishes to be in a long-term relationship:  “Now what?  Will I ever find “the one”?
  • The parent whose 2-year old begins to climb out of her crib in the middle of the night:  “Now what?   How will this next developmental stage impact on my life?  Will I ever get a good night’s sleep again?”


  • The parent whose 16-year old just got his driver’s license:  “Now what?  How will I know where he is and that he’s ok?  Will I ever get a good night’s sleep again?” (I could go on for pages with circumstances that lead parents to ask, “Will I ever get a good night’s sleep again?”!)
  • The business executive who feels overburdened and lacking the time to effectively manage her team, let alone take a much-needed family vacation:  “Now what?  How do I get balance in my life?”
  • The 50-something man who unexpectedly finds himself unemployed—for the first time in 30 years:  “Now What?  What am I supposed to do on Monday morning, and how do I talk about myself (what I do) when people ask?”
  • The mom who finds herself feeling unmoored and empty, when her last child leaves for college:  “Now what?  Who am I?  What am I?”
  • The recently retired person:  “Now what?  Who am I without the sense of meaning and purpose that I left behind when I stopped working?”

Notice anything interesting in these circumstances?  For me, it’s fascinating that they all have to do with significant moments of transition.   Most of us feel better when we know what to expect, and moments of transition are, by definition, times of uncertainty.

“Now What…?” is really a response to the shakiness that we feel when there’s a shift of circumstances in our lives.

Consider all of these life-altering circumstances (transitions):  Graduating, becoming a couple, starting a family, being diagnosed with an illness, ending a relationship, beginning a new job or business, becoming unemployed, retiring, becoming a grandparent, etc. Transitions happen, whether we’re ready for them or not.  Life is, to be certain, a series of transitions.   The truth is, not one of these circumstances is necessarily “good” or “bad”.  They-just-are.

It’s what we make them mean that causes us joy or fear, excitement or dread, fascination or judgment, expansiveness or limitation, gratitude and appreciation, or resentment.

If you’re struggling with a moment of transition in your life, and you want help figuring out “Now What…?”, CONTACT ME.  I would love to help.

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