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It’s my Birthday and that’s Good News for You

Today is my birthday!   I’m actually 55 years old, but this picture still resonates. I’m not going to spend hours of my day thinking up “55 lessons I’ve learned…”  I’ve got celebrating to do.  But I do have a birthday ritual of doing a quick gratitude download.  Here’s what I came up with this year.

15 things I’m thinking about today:

  1. I am so glad to be alive,
  2. It’s good to be 55,
  3. I adore my husband and my two sons, my mom, sisters and brothers
  4. I love that I have close relationships with family far away…
  5. And with “chosen family” (you know who you are), closer to home
  6. I am grateful for my students and my teachers, and
  7. For my friends and for those who challenge me to keep going and growing
  8. Mindfulness matters…always
  9. Laughing often, makes for a better day
  10. It’s important to me to remain open, even when I think I disagree
  11. Some battles really are worth fighting…most aren’t
  12. Where the mind goes, energy flows; what we resist, persists
  13. I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate
  14. Life is as long as it is…so it’s important to live fully now!
  15. I love what I get to do for work.

Here’s the Good News for You:

Because it makes me happy, I’m giving myself a birthday present:

Free Coaching Sessions for the first 20 people who respond!!!

Email me here

Write: “Happy Birthday Coaching Session” in the subject line.

If you’re wondering if you would benefit from coaching, this is a great opportunity to find out.

  • Do you find yourself stuck in a rut or asking yourself, “What’s next” and not getting there on your own?
  • Looking for your soul-mate or wishing things would improve with your current mate?
  • Feeling stuck in your current job or ready to make a career shift?
  • Are you on the yo-yo dieting train and ready to get off and lose weight and get healthy once and for all?
  • Struggling to get your work team to perform?
  • Do you feel like your kids are more in charge than you are?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, LET’S TALK! 

Per #15 above:  Coaching is one of the most powerful forces for change on Earth, and my clients provide me with evidence for this thought every day.  Seriously, very little makes me happier than when I get to do this work.  That’s why I’m offering this free coaching.  I want to share the magic!

Remember:  Email me, and write “Happy Birthday Coaching Session” in the subject line.

Next Up:  What I’m planning for the coming year.  I’m excited to share it with you!!

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