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Coaching or Therapy?

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Of all the questions I am asked, and as a coach I am asked lots of questions, this is the one that comes up more than any other.

Here’s my “cliff notes” response:


Is a process that focuses on the present and future.  Coaching assumes that clients are essentially emotionally and psychologically healthy.  Typically, coaching clients are motivated to make changes in their personal and/or professional lives, often through a process of considering current circumstances and thoughts, exploring alternative possibilities, setting goals and taking action.  The coach serves as a partner, an observer, teacher, and sometimes a “mirror”, helping the client get clear on his/her own thoughts and wishes.  Coaching can happen in a variety of settings:  by phone, on a walk, in an office, over the internet.  Coaches often touch base with clients between sessions in order to support, pass along relevant information, and provide encouragement. 


Is focused on identifying, diagnosing and addressing root causes of psychological or emotional distress.  Therapy is often a long-term process that deals with issues from the past in order to heal emotionally.  The therapist serves as an expert and there are very firm boundaries during and in-between session, which are held in the therapist’s office.  Typically, there is only contact between therapy sessions in the event of an emotional crisis. 

Are you ready to consider making changes in your life?  Would you benefit from partnering with a person who can help you get clear on what you want? 

Contact me.  I love the coaching work that I do with my clients, and I’d love to help you!

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