About Me

Dana Baruch

Life Coach, Organizational Consultant, Educator & Community Leader

I am a certified life coach, educator, organizational consultant and community leader, having spent the last 25+ years effectively helping people, organizations and communities explore their needs and values and move towards realizing their potential.  I am privileged to be a trusted leader, teacher and friend as I support people and organizations through their growth process. 

My job as your coach and consultant is to give you the tools to realize your goals and dreams and overcome your challenges, so you get the results that you want.  It’s really that simple! Think of me as a personal trainer for your mind, your very own CIEO (Chief Inspirational and Empowerment Officer), your guide on the side.

More About Me

As a nascent leader in a school community, Dana has been my rock for almost two years now. Each week, we face critical issues together, and Dana re-arranges the many factors at play, helping me to see the bigger picture. Dana shows up as the consummate thought partner, reminding me of what I have told her I value. She is not shy about posing powerful questions that prepare me to lead my community. Dana’s experience in leadership, education, and humanity equip her with the tools to take you where you want to go, appreciating the journey.

Chris Aguero, Head of School, Austin Jewish Academy

My Story

Hi and Welcome to Dana Baruch Coaching & Consulting. My life’s journey so far has been long and winding, both personally and professionally. I’ve enjoyed wonderful highs and accomplishments, and at times, I’ve experienced challenges that have seemed unbearable and insurmountable. With the guidance of many coaches and teachers along the way, I have learned to get out of the negative spin cycle of my thinking and choose a different and much more empowering path. It is with a great sense of appreciation and absolute love for this work, that I come to my own coaching and organizational consulting practice. I am privileged to work together with my clients, helping to take them from where they are to where they want to be. And I would love the opportunity to see how I can help you shift the things in your life or organization that aren’t working optimally, so you can design and create what feels satisfying, meaningful and right for you. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work! Give yourself or your organization the gift of coaching!

This, I Believe

We all have the capacity to design and craft​ lives of  meaning and satisfaction.  Yet, sometimes we need help shifting from where we are to where we want to be, because sometimes we feel:  Stuck, Confused, Angry, Scared, Inadequate, Unheard, Unfulfilled, Apprehensive, Lost, Unfocused, Overwhelmed, “I’m just not living the life I want to be living”, “My organization isn’t living up to its potential or mission.”


This, too, I Believe:

SHIFT  Happens

And you possess everything you need right now to make it so.

I’m here to help you and/or your organization get clear and craft the life and organization that you want, that feels meaningful and satisfying.

Give yourself the gift of Coaching/Consulting. If not now, when?