Life Coaching

It would be my privilege to help you acquire the tools to realize your goals and dreams and overcome your challenges, so you get the results that you want.  It’s really that simple!

Organizational Consulting

Whether your organization could benefit from executive coaching, strategic planning, designing and facilitating a board or staff retreat, or identifying priorities and creating a plan to achieve them, it would be my privilege to help.

Success Stories

Here’s what’s being said about my coaching and consulting work

``Dana is a brilliant coach in all respects. She impresses and inspires me``

- Brooke Castillo, The Life Coach School

About Me

Dana Baruch

Life Coach, Organizational Consultant, Educator & Community Leader

I am a certified life coach, educator, organizational consultant and community leader, having spent the last 25+ years effectively helping people, organizations and communities explore their needs and values and move towards realizing their potential.  I am privileged to be a trusted leader, teacher and friend as I support people and organizations through their growth process. 


Five Steps to Transformation for You or Your Organization

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I’ll offer my recommendations, and together we will come to an agreement about what the coaching or consulting process will look like.

We’ll Engage

We’ll get to work in the coaching or consulting process (Here’s more information about it…)

Take Action

You’ll take helpful and powerful action, again and again and again! (You’ll create new habits and begin to transform your life or organization)

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