Two Session - Get Clear Coaching Program!

When we work together you will:

  • Get crystal CLEAR about the top 5 things that matter most to you right now, so you can get MOTIVATED to build the life that you want to live

  • Learn to trust your gut instincts and STOP WORRYING about what other people think you should do

  • FOCUS on what matters most to you, so you can TAKE ACTION, feel more in control and connected with your priorities, and PUT YOURSELF FIRST for a change

Here’s what’s included:

Pre-Coaching “Story Time”:

This is your first step. And it’s an important and powerful one.  It’s when you take the time to get quiet with yourself, and share your story of what’s keeping you stuck with me via email. It serves as a jump-start to figuring out what really matters most to you.

Get Clear:  90-minute Coaching Session (By video conference or phone)

You’ll figure out the top 5 things that matter most to you.  You’ll leave this session feeling both confident in your clarity and motivated to take action, so you can begin to feel more in control in your life.

Support Materials

  • The magic of your coaching session doesn’t end after 90-minutes.  You will take what you learn in your Get Clear coaching session and work on incorporating it into your life right away.  Because you’ll have the clarity and tools to begin taking action right away, you’ll be able to notice a difference in how you experience the little and big stuff of your life.

  • I will provide you with some materials that will help reinforce the concepts we discuss in your Get Clear coaching session

Get Clear Follow-Up Coaching Session: 30 minutes (by video conference or phone)

About 2 -3 weeks following your Get Clear coaching session, we’ll meet again to talk about any questions, insights and “aha moments” that might have come up.  This will help you be focused, confident, energized, motivated and excited to live life in a way that feels satisfying, motivating and right for you.

You can finally stop spinning in place and figure out what matters most to you, so you can feel more in control and get on with the business of enjoying your life.  It’s time! I’m here to help.

Total Investment for the Get Clear About What Matters Most To You plan:  $249

Are you interested in working with me to help you get clear on what matters most to you?  

If So, Great!  Let’s get started:

Step 1.  Make your $249.00 payment by clicking the Let's Get Started! button below

Step 2.  Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your Story Time prep work, as well as instructions for booking your Get Clear 90-minute coaching session.

Step 3.  We’ll hold your coaching session and get you feeling clear about what matters most to you, confident about what actions to take, and more in control in your life.

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