What's being said about my coaching and consulting work...

"Dana is a brilliant coach in all respects.  She impresses and inspires me!"

Brooke Castillo, The Life Coach School

"It's tough to succinctly express just how valuable having Dana as my life coach over the past year has been. Her incomparable skill at creating a safe, supportive, and enjoyable space within which to divulge and process the innermost details of my life continues to amaze me to this day. I sought Dana's life coaching with the intention of processing more of my personal life together, but I soon found Dana helping me make holistic transformational shifts in all elements of my life, often professional in nature as well. I don't know that I've ever benefitted from a 1-on-1 relationship with a teacher, coach, or mentor in this way, and I am forever indebted to Dana and her brilliant, sensitive, wonderful coaching style for permanently improving the way I think, behave, and live for the better." 

Arya Marvazy, Los Angeles, CA

‚Äč"Working with Dana is an amazing experience.  I have learned things about myself that I never knew and that have been life-changing for me.  As a coach, Dana gently draws out a person's own wisdom to help maximize personal or work potential. Through Dana's patience, empathy, outstanding listening skills and open ended questions, she was able to help guide me in setting priorities and goals.  I am truly thankful for this experience."             

Ginny B.  Austin, TX

"I found Dana Baruch to be highly skilled and very easy to work with and relate to, as a coach.  She understood all that I was throwing at her, even some complex dynamics that I was working through.  She was flexible and adjusted her approach to meet my needs.  I really valued her work!"

LS, Austin, TX

“Dana is a truly amazing person and coach.  She helped us understand our three year old daughter better right when we needed it the most.  Her advice allowed our family to communicate more effectively, which reduced frustration and brought us closer together.”

J & J Thompson, Austin, TX

"Dana is both insightful and compassionate.  I can always trust that she will hold a mirror up for me and that the image in that mirror will be an accurate representation of the situation - most likely containing elements I was not aware of.  She does this with such kindness that you can't help but be open to what she is offering."  

K. Humphrey, Waco, TX

"Through working with Dana, I have been better able to evaluate situations with new perspective and move forward.  Dana's careful listening skills and non judgemental manner are just a couple of her greatest assets.  I would highly recommend her!"

CLM, Chicago, IL

"Dana’s professional experiences of training teachers, supervising a faculty, founding and heading a school, supporting school administrators all around the country, as well as her positive outlook on life, led me to seek out her coaching expertise. I faced some burdensome professional challenges, that were overwhelming me. Dana was a great listener who helped me focus on my most pressing needs: supervision, delegation, and personal time management. She asked deep questions that sometimes challenged the way I thought things “had to be” done. Through our work together I learned about the role of a manager, supervisor, delegation, and ultimately better personal time management. I am much happier and more capable in my position, thanks to my work with Dana."

Kelly F.  Educational Leader, Austin, TX

"Thank you, Dana, for such a great Board Retreat.  I know I left inspired about the possibilities of what we can do together, as well as a better understanding of my role as a Board member.  Thank you for guiding us through a rigorous, efficient, fun and meaningful experience." 

Simone Talma Flowers, Board Member-Urban Roots of Austin, TX

"When I started working with Dana I was feeling stuck personally and professionally with no idea how to get unstuck. Her warmth, humor, and ability to identify the underlying issues helped to make my situation seem less overwhelming . Dana gave me the tools to begin to think differently which was very empowering and was the catalyst to making positive changes in my life. Her follow up after each session was also very helpful in keeping momentum going between meetings. I would highly recommend working with Dana to help bring about meaningful change in your life."

Jessica B., Austin, TX