• What Other People Think of You is None of Your Business

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    Listen to Your Still Small Voice Within

    In preparing for an upcoming course I'm teaching, I was reminded of the lesson that speaks of the Divine spirit being found not in an all-powerful, cacophonous presence, but rather in a kol d’mama, a “still, small voice”.   Every single time I hear these words, it stops me in my tracks. And then I find myself taking a long slow exhale and getting quiet, turning inward.  Every single time.  Even if just for a moment or two.

    So often we look outside of ourselves to help us figure out what we’re supposed to think, how we’re supposed to feel, and what’s the best thing to do in a given situation.  We spend so much time concerning ourselves with what other people think about us, that we forget ourselves in the process.  We spend so much energy trying to get inside other peoples’ heads in order to be sure we know what they’re thinking about us, that we neglect to get clear about what WE think about ourselves.  What matters to us.  The whispers within us that we need to listen to.

    Well, here’s the thing— 

    What other people think of you is none of your business!

    Take a breath and sit with that for a moment.  

    When someone tells you anything about you (even a sweet compliment), they’re giving you information about THEM, not about you.  They like your outfit—that tells you about their preference.  They suggest you should go to graduate school—that tells you about their thoughts and opinions.  They tell you you’re looking in the wrong places to meet your future partner—that tells you what they believe they know about the topic.  What they think you should do, be, have, etc. is about them, not about you. What they think is THEIR business, not yours. 

    Well, here’s another thing—

    What YOU think of you is 100% your business!  

    Of course, you can always ask others to share their opinions, as you wade through the myriad possibilities and decisions that come your way in life.  And you can certainly benefit from considering and learning from other people’s experience, knowledge and wisdom.  The key is to choose, on purpose, because it makes sense to you.  NOT because you think someone knows better than you.  How could they possibly?  You are the expert of you.  Now, go be the boss of yourself!

    It’s often in the quiet moments where inspiration rests, waiting to be heard.  Waiting to be breathed into being.  It’s up to us to get quiet enough, focused enough, and trusting enough to listen to our inner still small voices. And then, it’s up to us to be courageous enough to embrace the inspiration and do something every day to feed it.  That’s how wispy dreams become solid realities.

     Need help finding and listening to your kol d'mama, your still small voice?  Let's talk!  I can help.