Are you feeling stuck?  Do you need help shaping your personal or professional direction? Are you motivated to get moving? Give yourself the Gift of Coaching.  

"Dana is a brilliant coach in all respects. She impresses and inspires me!"   

Brooke Castillo - Author, Master Certified Coach and Founder of The Life Coach School

Hi!  Welcome to Dana Baruch Coaching & Consulting.  My life's journey so far has been long and winding, both personally and professionally.  I've enjoyed wonderful highs, and at times, I've experienced challenges that have seemed unbearable and insurmountable.  With the guidance of many coaches and teachers along the way,  I have learned to get out of the negative spin cycle in my thinking and choose a different and much more powerful path.  It is with this great sense of appreciation and absolute love for this work, that I come to my own coaching and organizational consulting practice.  I am privileged to work together with my clients, helping to take them from where they are to where they want to be.  

Consider giving yourself the Gift of Coaching.
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